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SMS Shelves H

Shelves that are perfect for any equipment you need to go along with your big screen.

The shelves are made out of solid mdf-board and are available in black, grey, birch, beech or plexiglass. This shelf is compatible with the Flatscreen Heavy Series. Holding consoles are included in delivery of shelves.

Here are the products article no:s
Finish : Black, grey, birch, beech or plexiglas.
Max load (kg): 12
Warranty (years): 5
Other : Holding consoles are included in delivery of shelves.
  • SU010020-P0
    SMS Flat shelf H Black+Consol
  • SU010021-P0
    SMS Flat shelf H Grey + Consol
  • SU010023-P0
    SMS Flat shelf H Beech+Consol
  • SU010024-P0
    SMS Flat shelf H Birch+Consol
  • SU010025-P0
    SMS Flat shelf H Plexi+Consol
  • SU010026-P0
    SMS Flat shelf H Ple XL+Consol