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SMS Shelves M/L

Horizontal shelves that are perfect for receiver, DVD etc.

The shelves are made out of solid mdf board and are available in black, grey, birch, beech or plexiglass. This is a perfect complement to your screen.

FS040003-P0, FS040005-P0 & FS040005-P0 are discontinued. Contact SMS for stock balance. 

Here are the products article no:s
Finish : Black, grey, birch, beech, plexiglas
Max weight (kg): 12
Warranty (years): 5
Other : Holding consoles are included in delivery of shelves.
  • FS040001-P0
    Flatscreen shelf M/L Black
  • FS040002-P0
    Flatscreen shelf M/L Grey
  • FS040003-P0
    Flatscreen shelf M/L Beech
  • FS040004-P0
    Flatscreen shelf M/L Birch
  • FS040005-P0
    Flatscreen shelf M/L Plexiglas