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SMS Flatscreen FM ST

Stand out.

The SMS Flatscreen FM ST is a neat, clean floor stand that stands on stable feet. It is a sturdy carrier of screens up to 30 kg and can carry up to two screens on the same pillar. The SMS Flatscreen FM ST can also feature practical and attractive shelving available indifferent styles and designs. The screen can also be swiveled and tilted. This is a really elegant way to present your screen.

Here are the products article no:s
Finish : Aluminum/black
Max. load (kg): 30 kg (for each screen).
VESA (mm) : 75x75 / 100x100 / 200x100 / 200x200/ 300x300 / 400X200 / 400x400
Rec. display size (inch): 30-40
Length pillar (mm) : 800, 1200 and 1800
Tilt : +12°/-3°
Swivel : +/- 45°
Warranty (years) : 5
Other : SMS Flatscreen M Unislide is included in the package.
  • FS071003-P0
    SMS Flatscreen FM ST800 A/B
  • FS071004-P0
    SMS Flatscreen FM ST1200 A/B
  • FS071005-P0
    SMS Flatscreen FM ST1800 A/B
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