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SMS Media Cabinet Indoor Totem

Protected messages in one or two directions.

This enclosure for indoor Digital Signage is as secure as it is attractive and allows you to meet visitors from two directionsat the same time. The one or two LED backlit LCD displays are safely housed behind unbreakable Hammerglass (standardfitting). Other protection from external damage includes the drill-proof security locks and the robust black or white cover. A kick-rail and structured coating that ensure that any stains and marks are hardly visible are also standard equipment. A comprehensive solution for commercial premises, public spaces and other locations in which the flow of visitors places high demands on the media equipment. Discreetly blends into different surroundings. Manufactured to order.

NB! How to order:
You need three article numbers for a complete product. 

1 Select one or two SMS Media Cabinet Indoor.
2 Select one or two sets of VESA bars based on the hole patternof the display and setback-PC (where relevant).
3 Select a totem stand (foot part), either for a single display, Totem Single,or for mounting back-to-back, Totem Double.

See article numbers in list below. 

Here are the products article no:s
Finish : White or black.
Cover: Robust coated metal of thickness 1.5-3 mm.
Areas of application: Indoor installations where an attractive enclosure is required combined with protection against theft and vandalism.
Display attachment: Select the VESA bars with their own article number, depending on the display that is to be used.
Orientation: The product is only avaliable for portrait mode.
Glass: 8-10 mm unbreakable Hammerglass.
Locks: The cabinet has two drill-proof locks (with keys).
Kick-rail: Yes.
Weight of cabinet (kg): 55”, 47 kg.
Weight of totem (kg): Single 55”: 95 kg excluding the cabinet. Double 55”: 90 kg excluding the cabinet.
Max size of display: 55”, 1270 x 760 x 50 mm.
Warranty (years): 5
Other : The product is manufactured to order.
  • IN020011
    SMS Cabinet Indoor 40 White
  • IN020012
    SMS Cabinet Indoor 40 Black
  • IN020013
    SMS Cabinet Indoor 46 White
  • IN020014
    SMS Cabinet Indoor 46 Black
  • IN020015
    SMS Cabinet Indoor 55 White
  • IN020016
    SMS Cabinet Indoor 55 Black
  • IN130001
    SMS Indoor VESA Bars 600x400
  • IN130002
    SMS Indoor VESA Bars 400x400
  • IN130003
    SMS Indoor VESA Bars 200x200
  • IN041001
    SMS Totem Single 40 White
  • IN041002
    SMS Totem Single 40 Black
  • IN041003
    SMS Totem Single 46 White
  • IN041004
    SMS Totem Single 46 Black
  • IN041005
    SMS Totem Single 55 White
  • IN041006
    SMS Totem Single 55 Black
  • IN041101
    SMS Totem Double 40 White
  • IN041102
    SMS Totem Double 40 Black
  • IN041103
    SMS Totem Double 46 White
  • IN041104
    SMS Totem Double 46 Black
  • IN041105
    SMS Totem Double 55 White
  • IN041106
    SMS Totem Double 55 Black