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SMS Multi Control

The sky is the limit.

This multiscreen solution offers nearly unlimited flexible possibilities for everyone who needs an exceptional overview. You choose how many screens you want to mount and how they are to be placed. The possibility of adjusting the angle between the screens for personal settings is a further example of what the various versions of the SMS Multi Control offer in any field: bank, stock exchange, gaming or airport.

Here are the products article no:s
Finish : Aluminium/white.
Max. load (kg): 10 kg for each screen, with a maximum of 60 kg for the complete bracket.
VESA (mm) : 75 x 75 and 100 x 100
Rec. screen size (inch) : 19” screens allow the maximum degree of adjustment, while the bracket can accommodate screens up to 24”.
Rec. screen size x 4 models (inch) : The Dual Clamp (MM051001-P0), Dual Boom (MM051006-P0), 2xDual Clamp (MM051011-P0) and 2xDual Boom (MM051012-P0) can accommodate screens up to 26”, subject to a maximum weight limit of 10 kg per screen.
Number of screens: 2-8
Length (main column) (mm) : 605 / 1105
Tilt : +/-25 degrees.
Adjustment: The angle between the screens on the brackets can be adjusted in stepless increments, allowing personal settings. For exact adjustment possibilities, please see table in product sheet.
Warranty (years) : 5
Feet: Clamp or boomerang
  • MM051001-P0
    SMS Multi Control Dual Clamp
  • MM051002-P0
    SMS Multi Control Triple Clamp
  • MM051003-P0
    SMS Multi Control Quad Clamp
  • MM051004-P0
    SMS Multi Control 2xTriple Cla
  • MM051005-P0
    SMS Multi Control 2xQuad Clamp
  • MM051006-P0
    SMS Multi Control Dual Boom
  • MM051007-P0
    SMS Multi Control Triple Boom
  • MM051008-P0
    SMS Multi Control Quad Boom
  • MM051009-P0
    SMS Multi Control 2xTripl Boom
  • MM051010-P0
    SMS Multi Control 2xQuad Boom
  • MM051011-P0
    SMS Multi Control 2xDual Clamp
  • MM051012-P0
    SMS Multi Control 2xDual Boom