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SMS Media Cabinet Extreme

Unbeatable outdoor Digital Signage.

When you are displaying information at an outdoor location in public you need a Digital Signage solution that withstands everything from the weather to vandals. Our standard product for outdoor use is the SMS Media Cabinet Extreme, and – as the name makes clear – it is designed to ensure uninterrupted use when screens and equipmentare subject to extraordinary trials. The cabinet functions in ambient temperatures from -30 °C to +35 °C.

The product has not only thermostat-controlled heating and cooling, but also unbreakable Hammerglass and a drill-proof lock. And the complete cabinet is lockedin place by protected wall fixtures. Maintains IP Class 55 and issupplied with 2 years’ guarantee.

Tailor-made solutions can be supplied on request. Contact SMS for price and delivery date. 

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Finish : White, silver.
Screen mounting : Stepless universal fitting compatible with all VESA standards (and non-VESA standards). 32”, VESA: 75x75-600x300 mm / 40-42”, VESA 75x75-800x400 mm / 46”, VESA 75x75-800x400 mm.
Weight (kg) : 32”, 60 kg / 40-42”, 75 kg / 46”, 85 kg
Casing: Strong, rust-treated and coated sheet metal with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm.
Temperatures: Withstands ambient temperatures of -30 °C to +35 °C.
These values are valid for screen powers: 32”, 120 W / 40-42”, 200 W / 46”, 300 W
Maximum frame thickness of screen (mm): 70
Maximum screen thickness (mm): 140
Warranty (years) : 2 years, see the guarantee conditions in the manual, and at
Glass: 8 mm unbreakable Hammerglass.
Lock: Drill-proof lock.
Lifting fixture: Built-in lifting fixture for installation.
Fan: Thermostat-controlled.
Heater: Thermostat-controlled, 200 W.
Maintenance: filter that requires changing at intervals of 6-48 months, depending on the environment.
Other : Specially designed gas cylinders that hold the cabinet open during service, and allow braked closing.
  • MC010011H
    SMS Media Cabinet 32 inch Hor
  • MC010011V
    SMS Media Cabinet 32 inch Vert
  • MC010012H
    SMS Media Cabinet 40 inch Hor
  • MC010012V
    SMS Media Cabinet 40 inch Vert
  • MC010014H
    SMS Media Cabinet 42 inch Hor
  • MC010014V
    SMS Media Cabinet 42 inch Vert
  • MC010013H
    SMS Media Cabinet 46 inch Hor
  • MC010013V
    SMS Media Cabinet 46 inch Vert