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SMS Projector CL F

At the top of its game.

SMS Projector CL F is a popular ceiling bracket for lighter projectors. A construction that is as durable and reliable as it is eye-catching. Unsightly cables are hidden inside the bracket. SMS Projector CL F is the result of design and function working in harmony at an affordable price. The bracket is easy to install and the pillar can be cut to the desired length.

The SMS Unislide is included in the package.

To find out if this projector bracket fits your projector, please read our guide.

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Finish : Aluminum/silver.
Max. load (kg): 12
Weight (kg) : 1-3 kg (depending on length of bracket).
Length (mm) : 75 (cannot be cut), 250, 500, 700, 1000, 1500 and 2300 mm.
Tilt : 25°
Swivel : 360°
Warranty (years) : 5
  • AE014015
    SMS Proj CL F75 A/S incl Uni
  • AE014025
    SMS Proj CL F250 A/S incl Uni
  • AE014027
    SMS Proj CL F500 A/S incl Uni
  • AE014028
    SMS Proj CL F700 A/S incl Uni
  • AE014029
    SMS Proj CL F1000 A/S incl Uni
  • AE014030
    SMS Proj CL F1500 A/S incl Uni
  • AE014031
    SMS Proj CL F2300 A/S incl Uni