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SMS Projector CL V

Taking your projector to new heights.

SMS Projector CL V is our flagship projector bracket (and probably the most-sold in Europe). Elegant, functional and very reliable. It’s easy to adjust the length and angle of the bracket. SMS Projector CL V holds your projector upside down – it’s the best way to get themost out of your projector. The catch word for this ceiling bracket is “easy”. Easy to install, easy to adjust and easy to like. The SMS Unislide is included in the package.

Updated version ensures easy and more attractive installation. A new smart inner ceiling cover which can be mounted last, after all the cables have been laid. 

To find out if this projector bracket fits your projector, please read our guide.

Here are the products article no:s
Finish : Aluminum/silver or aluminum/black.
Max. load (kg): 12
Length (mm) : 300-350, 500-750, 650-900, 850-1100, 1050-1300 mm.
Tilt : 25°
Swivel : 360°
Ceiling plate: 190x120 mm
Warranty (years) : 5
Other : The SMS Unislide is included in the package.
  • AE012050
    SMS Projector CL V300-350 A/B
  • AE012052
    SMS Projector CL V300-350 A/S
  • AE012053
    SMS Projector CL V500-750 A/B
  • AE012055
    SMS Projector CL V500-750 A/S
  • AE012056
    SMS Projector CL V650-900 A/B
  • AE012058
    SMS Projector CL V650-900 A/S
  • AE012059
    SMS Projector CL V850-1100 A/B
  • AE012061
    SMS Projector CL V850-1100 A/S
  • AE012062
    SMS Projecto CL V1050-1300 A/B
  • AE012064
    SMS Projecto CL V1050-1300 A/S
  • AE021020
    SMS Projector CL V350-450 Aluminium/Silver
  • AE021021
    SMS Projector CL V400-550 Aluminium/Silver
  • AE021022
    SMS Projector CL V1250-1500 Aluminium/Silver
  • AE021023
    SMS Projector CL V1450-1700 Aluminium/Silver
  • AE021024
    SMS Projector CL V1650-1900 Aluminium/Silver
  • AE021025
    SMS Projector CL V1850-2100 Aluminium/Silver
  • AE021026
    SMS Projector CL V2050-2300 Aluminium/Silver
  • AE021027
    SMS Projector CL V2150-2400 Aluminium/Silver