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SMS Projector Short Throw V

Short-throw projection close to the wall.

A wall bracket that is easy to mount on a wall plate that can be located close to the ceiling, making vertical adjustment possible. The projector can be suspended at any location along the complete pillar, and it can be swivelled and tilted. Now with black or white plastic fittings, and the possibility to use a white or black universal slide to match the projector.

To get a complete product two articles is required:

  • One article that includes the wall bracket and ST unislide
  • One article that includes the projectorpillar (in proper length).

To find out if this projector bracket fits your projector, please use our guide.

Here are the products article no:s
Finish : Aluminium/black or aluminium/white.
Max. load (kg): 12
Lengths (mm) : 450, 680, 1000, 1200, 1450 and 1600
Tilt : +/- 12° with fine adjustment for the depth and horizontal position.
Adjustable: The height of the pillar can be adjusted +/- 20 mm, and the projector can be located at any position along it.
Warranty (years) : 5
Other : Choose between colour details and unislide in black or white to match projector and wall.
  • AE016050-P1
    SMS Proj WL Short Throw V A/W
  • AE016051-P1
    SMS Proj WL Short Throw V A/B
  • FS000450AW-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 450 A/W
  • FS000680AW-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 680 A/W
  • FS001000AW-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 1000 A/W
  • FS001202AW-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 1200 A/W
  • FS001450AW-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 1450 A/W
  • FS001600AW-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 1600 A/W
  • FS000450-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 450 A/B
  • FS000680-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 680 A/B
  • FS001000-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 1000 A/B
  • FS001202-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 1200 A/B
  • FS001450-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 1450 A/B
  • FS001600-P2
    SMS Proj ShortThrow 1600 A/B